Water Current Generator

We are excited at AFER on the progress of the Water Current Generator and the results, with an estimated cost of $200,000.00 to install AFER is prepared to install the unit at no cost and receive the ROI on the KW generated. The pricing on the KW will be determined with the new customer, also once the AFER Water Current Generator is producing Electricity the customer will have the option to purchase the AFER Generator if desired. This new generator can be connected to the main grid or used for your own personal use. The specifications we are looking for are listed below. If interested please contact Gordon Kaitting directly at gordon@aferinc.com

  1. To produce approximately 200 KW – 10 feet deep × 32 feet wide × 5 MPH current
  2. To produce approximately 400 KW – 10 feet deep × 64 feet wide × 7 MPH current

Water Current Generator

Renewable energy from hydrokinetics (water currents) offers a dramatically reduced, cost-effective method for producing electricity and potable water

The Water Current Generator technology allows, with minor adjustments and modifications, the operation of four separate operating systems, each briefly described below.

As a Renewable-Energy Generation System

This system is a unique and innovative concept that uses a submarine approach to produce electrical power through hydrokinetics (water currents) at substantially reduced costs. This system produces reliable constant power 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The vessels are submerged at a sufficient enough depth to allow free maritime traffic over the operating area or can be, ideally, installed in existing Canals, Channels, Rivers or Streams.

As a Renewable-Energy Desalination System

This System is a blend of the Water Current Energy System and an attached Desalination System which operates to remove salts from sea or ocean water via a membrane system as well as other impurities creating a potable water supply. It operates in a Seawater or Brackish Water environment located on coastal areas with sufficient Ocean or Tidal currents. Desalinated water is produced in a submerged vessel located at approx 80ft (25m) under the ocean surface, secured by cables and anchors. Pumping energy is provided by the Water Current Energy System. Product water is pumped to shore through an underwater pipeline using the Positive Displacement Pump (PDP, Patent Pending and nearly completed for system use) and the energy of the Water Current Energy System.

As a Renewable-Energy Water Filtration System

A complete packaged system designed to treat raw water from fresh water river, stream or Canal sources of varying quality. The Water Filtration System mainly operates in locations where there is a need to filter/disinfect open source fresh water for drinking or other industrial purposes. The system is submerged in the river at mid-depth, ideally closer to a shoreline, minimum depth of 4 to 6 feet is needed. The system’s Water Current Energy System harnesses the energy from the water current to produce pumping power for the filtration/disinfection process. Product water is pumped to shore through an underwater pipeline using the PDP (Positive Displacement Pump) and the energy of the Water Current Energy System. This will be an ideal system for remote villages, communities, Towns and cities as it is scalable to the need. A process of this capability has the potential to changes the economics of an area and save countless lives. This will empower people to better themselves and become truly self-sufficient.

As an Irrigation/Industrial Pumping/De-Watering System

The Water Current Energy System is adaptable to operating a pumping resource for any of these applications. Our Patent Pending “Positive Displacement Pump” is capable of producing high pressure pumping applications for Industrial use or lower pressures for Irrigation and de-watering processes. The system is adaptable to the customers needs.

Considering the thousands of children and adults that die each day from the simple lack of fresh clean water, one does not have to think too far ahead to realize that our system will have “life changing applications” for hundreds of remote communities and cities around the world. The additional capability to pump water at very high pressure rates will also offer the ability for farmers everywhere to implement irrigation and livestock watering sites which will further offer huge opportunities for economic improvement and stimulus world-wide.