is a proven way

to reduce Industrial,

Commercial, Residential

Hydro, Fuel,

and Water Costs!


is a proven way

to reduce Industrial,

Commercial and Residential

Fuel Costs!


is a proven way

to reduce Industrial,

Commercial and Residential

Water Costs!


is a Chemical - Free

Salt - Free

Energy - Free

Water Conditioner & Descaler

Exclusive distributor for the UK & Ireland


AFER is pleased to announce that our Patents have come in for our Eco-Clamp Fuel Saver for both natural gas and diesel fuel:

United States of America Patent Numbers: US 9,273,644 B2 and US 9,305,692 B2


AFER is excited to announce a new division to the company, Magna-Tek

Magna-Tek specializes in a water softening product called AquaMagna
Please click here to visit Magna-Tek’s website


AFER is really excited to offer the Eco Valve Water Saver, also known as “The Safety Valve”

Please take a look the EVWS header for more information.


Check out some our most popular Green Energy products!


The Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver™ is a proven way to reduce Industrial, Commercial and Residential Hydro Costs!

Average reduction of 6 – 10%
Average reduction of 6 – 17%
Average reduction of 6 – 25%

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The Eco-Clamp Fuel Saver™ is a proven way to reduce Industrial, Commercial and Residential Fuel Costs!

The patented AFER System saves money and reduces emissions by increasing the combustion effiency of the fossil fuels (such as propane and natural gas) that power our home furnaces, water heaters and other household appliances. Older furnaces and water heaters can see fuel cost reductions of as much as 15%!

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Reduce your water bill with EVWS, the safety valve.

Eco Valve Water Saver is a proven way to reduce your water costs.

The patent-pending technology removes air from your water to eliminate excessive consumption and water meter errors for both residential and commercial.

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The AquaMagna is a chemical-free, salt-free, and energy-free water softener alternative that helps solve most hard water problems with absolutely no cost to operate.

The AquaMagna’s powerful magnetic water treatment system replaces the need for any other home hard water treatment or well water treatment. The AquaMagna will continue to prevent calcium and fight hard water problems, without using any salt or chemicals.

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Established in the early 2000’s, AFER Inc. launched into the green energy market with the highly successful gas and money saving, fuel line Eco-Clamp.

Saving Money As Well As the Planet

Fossil fuels, which include natural gas, propane and oil, are used to produce roughly 85 percent of all of the energy we consume. However, they are non-renewable resources that produce 21.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year. Nearly half of that cannot be absorbed by nature. Carbon dioxide is thus released into the atmosphere and is a leading cause of global warming. Despite all of the renewed talk of helping the environment and stopping the Earth’s temperature from rising further, Inventor Gordon Kaitting did not see meaningful action being taken as a result. So Gordon developed a patent pending product to improve the combustion of fossil fuels for commercial and residential systems and appliances.


Action Fuel & Emission Reduction Inc. (AFER Inc.) is committed to a role of environmental, sustainable and socially responsible leadership in all facets of our business. Changing the world one day at a time.


We will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, strive for excellence in all we do, and measure success by the relationships we build with our Distributors and Customers.

Clients & Testimonials

Check out what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our products!

When I first did business with AFER I was the Director of Operations at Boston Pizza and was introduced to the commercial Eco-Clamp™.

These clamps were put on our gas lines and ensured a cleaner gas burn and deteriorates carbon build up on the pipes. We installed these at our corporate location and over 30 Boston Pizza's and we saved anywhere from 10-20% and that's a fact. Keep in mind these are newer buildings compared to our original 8, so we might save more at the older locations.

I've seen this product in action and our cooking flames became bluer and hotter. Any equipment that ran on gas operated better or hotter.

Tony Pereira, Operating PartnerFire Inspired Foods

Since installing the valve to our main water line at the Doubletree Tarrytown we have seen consistent savings on our monthly water bill of 10% to 15%. This is phenomenal and has helped improve our bottom line!

Rich Friedman, General ManagerDoubletree, Tarrytown

BMI (Brial Mechanical Inc) is an industry leader in Toronto's multi residential plumbing and HVAC industries. With one of the most technically experienced teams in the market, BMI has the capability to handle some of the largest and most complex mechanical and plumbing projects in the GTA. We are condominium plumbing and HVAC specialists.
BMI has an agreement with Afer Action Fuel and Emission Reduction, represented by Mr. Gordon Kaiting, for supplying the water valve to our company.
The water valve is installed on the user side of building incoming water line that creates a steady back pressure through the building water meter. This creates a steady flow through the water meter, so the meter will no longer over-spin and the buildings no longer will be charged for pockets of air that pass through the water meter.
Since 2018 BMI has installed many water valves in Toronto’s Condominium buildings.
Prior to install the water valve on each Condominium, our Engineers are doing Inspection and Analyses of DCW Booster Pumps and DHW System, to make sure that by installing water valve, booster pump system will function fine and the building will not have any problem with water pressure. We provide to Condominiums the Building Pressure Report, prior installing the water valve.
Buildings, where we have installed water valve have been enjoying savings between 15% to 25%, since the first month of Installation. Board of Directors and Property Managers are very happy with the water valve, and we are very happy to recommend it to any building to install it and enjoy the savings.

Ben Todi, CEOBMI (Brial Mechanical Inc)

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