Prevent Hard Water Problems-No Salt or Chemicals!


  • Just clamps on your water pipe  
  • No salt  
  • No tools 
  • No plumbing 
  • No electricity  
  • It lasts forever 

Magna-Tek is excited to announce that we have now become a division of Action Fuel & Emission Reduction Inc. (AFER Inc)

AFER’s main focus is to help both commercial and residential reduce their energy costs, lower emissions & improve water quality.


AquaMagna magnetic water softener system Prevents Hard Water Problems. No Salt or Chemicals.

The AquaMagna salt-free water softener alternative helps solve most hard water problems with absolutely no cost to operate.  Our “hard water” solution is often referred to as a no-salt or saltless water softener because no salt or chemicals are required.  In most cases, the AquaMagna  powerful magnetic water treatment system replaces the need for any other home hard water treatment or well water treatment.  The AquaMagna  will continue to prevent calcium and fight hard water problems, without using any salt or chemicals.

It Simply Fastens on Your Water Pipe:

  • Prevents formation of scale build up
  • Removes existing scale
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Protects valuable equipment
  • Saves energy with scale-free heat transfer
  • Portable, easy to install (no plumbing or tools required)
  • No electricity or operating cost
  • Saves money year after year….while protecting the environment



Magna-Tek’s AquaMagna  permanent, high-power magnetic water softener system for home hard water problems is today’s healthy answer to hard water problems in the home. This simple saltless water softener alternative fights hard water economically without any chemicals or operating cost! 

Industrial and Commercial

The AquaMagna Magnetic economical Hard Water Treatment System is used for cooling towers, boilers, heat exchangers etc.  It can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive water treatment chemicals. Our AquaMagna  hard water solution has been used for over 25 years in many industrial and commercial applications.  It is often referred to as a magnetic water conditioner or saltless water softener. There is “ZERO” operating cost and no salt or chemicals are required. 


Magna-Tek Systems is a Canadian-based company, specializing in manufacturing permanent, maintenance-free magnetic water treatment systems to prevent hard water problems in the home and for industrial applications.

We have been adapting magnetic (free-energy) technology for the treatment of hard water.  Magna-Tek’s non-chemical systems provide a practical permanent solution to most hard water problems.  With huge savings on industrial applications such as boilers, cooling towers and related water process equipment, local Governments and industries are installing these systems with tremendous economic benefit.

Our powerful magnetic hard water treatment systems will prevent calcium and naturally condition your water, reducing/eliminating the need for costly and harmful chemicals.  Now there is an effective, saltless water softener alternative to treating the water – where we can achieve the benefits and characteristics of softer water.  Lasting forever, maintenance free, and with no parts to replace or power to operate, these revolutionary clamp-on systems make hard water behave like soft water, thereby reducing surface tension, de-scaling water lines and increasing water flow and pressure.

What makes our salt-free alternative to a salt water softener so appealing is it’s performance and affordable cost. At Magna-Tek we also manufacture private label products for plumbers, mechanical service contractors, energy consultants and other resellers who market their own brand of hard water treatment products to prevent calcium deposits.


One-minute video

Summary of the AquaMagna salt-free water softener

Magna-Tek is excited to announce that we have now become a division of Action Fuel & Emission Reduction Inc. (AFER Inc)

AFER’s main focus is to help both commercial and residential reduce their energy costs, lower emissions & improve water quality. Please click here to visit AFER’s website to learn more about the AFER System

Sudbury First Nation Are Loving The Results Their Seeing With The Aquamagna!!

They reported that the water looks cleaner, taste better and when they turn the taps on, they don’t gurgle or spit water anymore


AFER Water Solutions

The AFER System will reduce many of your hard water headaches, in an environmentally friendly manner, at just a fraction of the cost.

AFER Magnetic water treatment is a safe and natural way to reduce lime scale. The benefits of making this small investment are priceless. Though, this particular type of hard water treatment may not be appropriate for everybody who requires water softening.

Magnetic water treatment will not technically “soften” your water. Because traditional water softeners do remove the calcium—replacing it with salt—such products will likely produce an increased amount of suds and lather. Dishes that have been washed in the dishwasher may also have more sparkle with a salt-based water conditioner, as the addition of salt actually eliminates the calcium deposits left behind when water evaporates.

AFER Magnetically powered, no salt water softeners are especially beneficial to those individuals who have scale build-up and unsightly stains due to a high mineral content in their water supply who:

  • Do not want to install a salt-based water softener – increasing the amount of sodium in their drinking water.
  • Are concerned about the environmental impact of discharging salt into the waste water system.
  • Are looking for a less expensive means of dealing with their hard water problems.
  • Are looking for a maintenance free hard water solution.
  • Want to save on their hot water heating bills by preventing and eventually removing scale build-up in their hot water tank.

The complete system includes two sets of magnets: one for the hot water line and one for the cold. Easy-to-follow instructions show you exactly where to place them on your water pipes. Residential water magnets are sized to fit on water pipes ½” to 1-½” in diameter.

The AFER residential water conditioning system comes with two sets, each consisting of two identical units. Two units clamp together on the cold water pipe and the other two units clamp together on the hot water pipe with the powerful magnetic field running along the pipe.

Health Fact

No-Salt Water Softening

According to the American Heart Association, decreasing your salt intake can “reduce or help you avoid high blood pressure.” This is critically important for many North Americans, as high blood pressure is directly linked to heart disease and stroke.