Commercial Applications

Hotels. Restaurants. Casinos. Retirement homes. Warehouses. These are just a few of the commercial businesses that can benefit from the reduced costs and lowered emissions provided by the AFER System.


If your business uses any of the following, the AFER System can benefit you:

  • Roof-top HVAC units
  • Generators
  • Boilers
  • Forklifts & tow motors
  • Gas space heaters
  • Patio heaters
  • Gas deck ovens
  • Gas convection ovens
  • Gas combi-ovens
  • Gas ranges & broilers
  • Gas steamers
  • Gas fryers


AFER Inc has worked with many commercial businesses over the past seven years.


  •  Boiler

    Whether the boiler serves hot water to guests or powers a steam turbine, with AFER it will use less fuel!

  •  Forklift

    Propane, natural gas, diesel or unleaded, AFER can boost fuel efficiency by up to 15%!

  •  Generator

    Diesel generators are notoriously inefficient. AFER can clean them up and extend the life of the fuel!


OnSpeX Safety Evaluation

Commercial safety tests completed by OnSpeX, a division of CSA International.

Click to download the safety evaluation.


OnSpex and Safety PDF Documents



onspex report

Air in pipelines report