Benefits for Farm Animals and Crops

Professor Israel Lin of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology believes “magnetized water increases the solubility of minerals and therefore improves the transfer of nutrients to all parts of the body, making the organism work more efficiently”.

Lin said: “The change of the water’s properties is the key”. His findings over a three year test were:

  • Cows produced more milk; had fewer milkless days; conceived more easily, due to increased health and vitality (better than bovine growth hormone).
  • Calves not only weighed more than the control group, they were leaner!
  • His findings over a three year test had a similar effect on all farm animals. Geese grew bigger; sheep produced more meat; milk; wool; chickens and turkeys laid more eggs and were prolific for a longer period of time. More dramatically, the mortality rate was reduced with less feed!
Professor Klaus Kronenberg, while at California State Polytechnic, contributed to the pioneering work in agriculture. He treated irrigation water with magnets. He says “magnets actually change the nucleus of water. And, that is the source of its seemingly magical properties. A diet of magnetized water makes cows give more milk, chickens grow fatter and lay more eggs. and cantalupes and other crops grow larger and have better yields with less fertilizer.”

Some specifics of his research are:

  • Two control groups of 24 piglets, each with normal feeding were compared with two groups of 24 piglets that were getting their water from magnetic treatment. The latter groups consumed twice as much water and grew an average 12.5 percent faster.
  • Cotton plantings with various irrigation were compared in California. The cotton plants irrigated with magnetically treated water grew to larger and denser foliage.
  • A Washington navel orange tree was watered with magnetically treated water. Each orange became unusually thick and juicy, weighing 20 ounces, on average. A Eureka lemon tree fed magnetic water carries lemons that grow up to one pound each.

One biologist suggests that reduced surface tension of the magnetically treated water facilitates its penetration of cell walls. This could accelerate the normal dividing of the cells in growing parts of living individuals. The accelerated growth of plants by the use of magnetically treated water is possible because the root tips secrete enzymes that dissolve crystals in the ground, enabling the roots to ingest the dissolved minerals. This is not the case for one-cell organisms that pollute water. Algae and bacteria have to ingest their food directly through the cell wall. They get plenty of water through it, but they cannot receive any nourishment in the form of crystallized minerals, which cannot penetrate the cell walls. Thus bacteria in magnetically treated water starve. Observations on swimming pools confirm this effect.

Advanced Technology, Ltd. (Five year study) Field findings:

  • Advanced ripening in all cases.
  • High quality, bigger fruits; 33% fewer inferior grade.
  • Increased production and yield.
  • Further growth/superior after season growth, while untreated plants started showing dryness.
  • Superior uniformity
  • Fertilizers were assimilated better
  • All plants developed improved stress resistance.

Johann Grander wrote: “Water that has been revitalized through magnetic treatment is restored to its natural energy”. Sick water negatively affects the health of people, animals and plants. On the other hand, water that has been revitalized through magnetic treatment is restored to its natural energy. Crops grow faster and stronger; flowers and plants are healthier and more resistant to disease; lakes, rivers and streams are helped back to health; and livestock and pets are more vigorous.