Industrial Farm Applications


Barns and sheds can be expensive to heat. The AFER System can help lower the cost.

The AFER System works with all popular gas-powered heaters, including radiant tube, infrared, and fan. It can also work with almost any other gas- or diesel-powered farm equipment.

Just some of the equipment that AFER can work with:

  • Radiant tube heaters
  • Infrared heaters
  • Fan heaters
  • Gas furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Tractors

Ray Vander Molen Farm Test Results

Stack TemperatureExciting real-world test results show how the AFER System reduces energy costs and lowers emissions.

Recently, the AFER System was installed at Ray Vander Molen Farm in Jarvis, Ontario by one of our distributors, Jay Antoszek. Jay has been in the gas business for over 32 years and ran some tests on the box heaters before and after installation of the AFER System.

Jay’s tests showed that with the AFER System installed, the heat output of the box heaters gained 7 degrees Fahrenheit without increasing fuel consumption! This means the heaters don’t need to run as often or work as hard to maintain the proper temperature, saving fuel, reducing energy costs, and lowering emissions!

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Judge Farms Installation

On September 25, 2012 Rob Judge installed the AFER System in his Poultry Barns and on both of his Grain Elevators.

With the AFER System in place Judge Farms will not only reduce the cost of Fuel they are also helping our Environment. It is always encouraging to see our farming industry in Canada going above and beyond to help our Environment.

Also earlier in September the AFER System was installed at Magalas Farms in Waterford, Ontario. Eugene Magalas looks forward to the next generation and is ensuring to help our environment along with lowering fuel costs.

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AFER’s System Reduces Carbon Monoxide

Reduced carbon monoxide (CO) emissions means healthier livestock.

A veterinarian in Iowa is stumped by unexplained miscarriages and mysterious livestock deaths. Investigation by health professionals shows the cause to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

  •  Tube Heaters

    One of the best ways to heat a large space, already-efficient radiant tube heaters can see an additional 10% fuel savings with AFER!

  •  IR Heaters

    Whether natural gas or propane, infrared area heaters can heat better and at reduced cost with the AFER System!

  •  Fan Heaters

    Traditional forced-air heating can see a reduction in fuel costs, too!

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OnSpeX Reports

Report Highlights

Report by OnSpeX, a division of CSA International, on lowering fuel cost and Carbon Monoxide.

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Safety Tests

Safety tests completed by OnSpeX, a division of CSA International.

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OnSpex and Safety PDF Documents


onspex report

Air in pipelines report