When you bring electricity into your establishment from the utility company it is alternating current electricity (60 cycles per second) and you are expecting it to do two kinds of work — resistive and inductive.

When you supply power to an ordinary light bulb, it immediately produces light and in a very short time it also produces heat. The resistance to the passage of electricity creates light and heat. This is called the resistive load.

When supply power to any appliance with an electric coil in it, such as an electric motor or a transformer, the electricity passing through the magnetic field of the coil induces a responsive electrical energy that works in the opposite direction to the electricity that is driving the motor. This is called the inductive load.

Our eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER is installed into your electrical system between the electric meter and your main electric panel, and it distinguishes between the resistive load and the inductive load. It does nothing to the resistive load; just leaves it alone. However, due to some of the features of alternating current the eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER unit captures the inductive load on one cycle, turns it around and gives it back to all the circuits connected to your panel as useful energy on the next cycle. It does that 60 times per second.

eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER can be used beneficially in any kind of establishment that has a lot of inductive load generated by fridges, coolers, freezers, air conditioners, fans and pumps; basically, any kind of device that uses motors and all fluorescent lighting that uses a transformer type ballast.

Surge Protection
The eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER works as an overall surge protector to guard against major surges of power that come down the utility line from other users (or from a lightning storm).

Reduction of Electric Noise
Whenever a device connected to the electric panel turns on or off or changes speed it creates a blip in the quality of the electricity in the circuit. These can be frequency variations, mini-surges, troughs, harmonics, variations in voltage etc. When this occurs frequently it is referred to as electrical noise, which reduces the efficiency at which electrical devices operate. The eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER helps to filter out electric noise.

Reduction in Maintenance Costs
Electric noise creates wear and tear on electric devices. Therefore a reduction in electric noise reduces maintenance costs and extends the useful life of inductive load appliances.

Brown Out Protection
A brown out condition occurs when the electricity demand by the overall community is almost more than the local utility can supply. Because so many applications are turning on and off every second, the result is that on a momentary basis the electricity available can drop below a critical threshold. That threshold varies for different equipment but when the supply drops below a specific equipment is either damaged, shuts off or both. In many cases the eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER keeps the in-building electricity supply just above the threshold during brownout conditions.