Installation – Placement

Easy-to-follow instructions show you exactly where to place the product on the cold water pipe when using for residential, the same product sold at Home Hardware for reducing fuel cost can also be applied to the cold water pipe.



Install one set (two industrial collars) or the single unit on the cold water pipe, after the water meter and before the hot water tank. Always place after any electric ground wire clamp that uses the cold water line for grounding.

Installation  – Steps


Align two units opposing each other (units will repel). Loosely fasten bolt and wing nut through holes on one side of units. Keep loose until step 2 is completed.


Place set around pipe and repeat procedure in step 1 on other side. Tighten wing nuts so assembled set is secure and centered along pipe.

Installation for Well Water Lines

Place 2 industrial or 1 Residential Fuel Saver before the Tee.