Introducing the Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver

We are pleased to introduce a new product that is Patent and CSA approved for reducing hydro costs.



Expected savings 6% – 17%

Commercial applications for Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver range from malls, hotels, resorts, casinos, supermarkets, bowling alleys, schools, universities, warehouses, large buildings, convenience stores, eateries, restaurants, cold storages, hardware stores, department stores, as well as other major commercial properties.


Expected savings 6% – 25%

Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Factor Optimization™ Solutions for your industry. Motor-by-motor or plant-wide deployments start saving energy and demand as soon as they are in service. All Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver solutions are tailored to the application at hand.


AFER now has agreements in place to represent Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver in Canada of which we feel complements AFER in both Fuel and Hydro reductions. The Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver product line is not only great for your home, Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver’s industrial product line will reduce your companies hydro costs and your carbon footprint.

AFER now reduces fuel costs, improves water quality, offers water current generators, WindHOG vertical axis generator, and Nextgrid to generate electricity, and now the Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver product line will reduce your hydro costs.

AFER & Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver continuously Increase Efficiency & Lower Hydro cost by using our highest quality parts with no maintenance required. Our capacitance increases the efficiency of all A/C motors which in turn reduces the peak demand and reduces the voltage. This also lowers the heat build up on all motors which then gives the motors a much longer life and automatically reduces your Carbon Footprint.

Power Factor

The measurement of efficiency is called the Power Factor. High Power Factors mean less wasted energy and greater efficiency.

Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Demonstration

Please watch the video below for a demonstration of the Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver in action.

Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Presentation

If you are involved with Grain Mills, Produce, Mineral Processing, Water Pumps, Meat Refrigeration, Cold Storage, Power Plants, Hospitals, Airports, Medical & Dental Clinics, Military Bases, Farming, Convenience Stores, Universities, Colleges, Community Centers, Banks, Hotels, Churches along with anyone such as a home owner and want to reduce your Hydro cost then take the time and read these 40 pages.

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Did you know that our Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver also protects against power surges?

A surge capacitor is a device designed to absorb surges and/or reduce the steepness of their wave front. A capacitor is able to absorb and hold a charge of electricity, returning it to the circuit at a later time. Since the surge capacitor is always connected to the power circuit, current flows at all.


A surge capacitor is a device designed to absorb surges and/or reduce the steepness of their wave front. A capacitor is able to absorb and hold a charge of electricity, returning it to the circuit at a later time. Since the surge capacitor is always connected to the power circuit, current flows at all times. When a surge occurs, added current flows to the capacitor thereby lowering the intensity of the surge voltage. The amount of current the capacitor can absorb depends on the size of the capacitor, and the amount of voltage pushing the current.

If the surge is of a low current relative to its voltage intensity, the capacitor will absorb it. If the surge has high current, the capacitor cannot absorb it.

By contrast, our lightning arrestor takes no current from the line during normal operation. When a surge occurs, the arrestor turns on to provide a discharge path. When the surge is gone, the arrestor turns off. The arrestor will handle unlimited amount of current, although amounts exceeding 100,000 amps will generally damage the arrestor.

The main advantage of a capacitor is that there is no time delay in turning on as it always conducts. The disadvantage is that the amount of current it can handle is limited to a few thousand amps, depending on the surge voltage. For this reason, an arrestor should always be installed with a capacitor to protect it from intense surges.

The continuous current flowing to a surge capacitor does not cause a waste of electricity. The capacitive reactanc cancels some of the inductive load, actually reducing the net power used by a fractional amount, thereby slightly reducing the power bill.

We offer three surge capacitors: 250 volt, single phase; 600 volt, three phase; 650 volt, three phase. An internal discharge circuit is provided. Mounting is facilitated by a three quarter inch nipple at the top of the unit. The black wires connect to the circuits, and the white wire connects to a ground. The housing is made of a non-conductive cylinder. Mounting brackets are available for each model of surge capacitor at an additional charge. They may be obtained by adding the part number MB to the end of the surge capacitor model number.

Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Case Study – Omni Hotel – San Diego

Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver installed Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Energy Controllers at Omni’s San Diego Hotel. eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER were installed to raise the power factor of individual loads from motors and compressors in the hotel. Data collected for the month of June after installation was compared to data aggregated from June of previous years.

Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver creates savings by storing reactive power used by inductive loads to create electromagnetic fields needed in motor’s windings. By storing and supplying this power when needed waste reactive power is no longer required for operation.

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Reduces Hydro Costs

Commercial: Average reduction of 6 – 17%

Industrial: Average reduction of 6 – 25%

Improve Your Power Factor and Save Money

If your facility has inductive loads, such as transformers, electric motors, fans and fluorescent lighting ballasts, then you may be losing money through low Power Factor.

Improve Your Power Factor and Save MoneyPower Factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is being consumed. It is the ratio of real or productive power to total power. You will see this reflected on your utility bill as kW (productive power) and kVA (total power) demand charges.

Power Factor = kW (productive power) / kVA (total power)

Simply put, Power Factor indicates how much of your energy is being used to produce useful work.

If you have low Power Factor, then it is costing you money – most utilities will charge you additional fees if your Power Factor falls below a specified threshold.

Key developments on a Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver installed approximately 8 years ago at Kradale Breeders in Jarvis Ontario by John & Darren Kraay

Well positioned in the Poultry industry John & Darren Kraay had the initiative to install the Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver on the left in hopes of reducing hydro cost and improve the life of the motors. Responding to challenging market conditions by installing the Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver, an immediate observation was on the lighting system of which had been flickering in the past was no longer a concern. Further improvement was recognized with the motors in regards to performance and replacement as of 2014 all motors have been working efficiently.

Ellis Packaging Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Report on Hydro Savings

The Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver was installed at Ellis Packaging in Guelph Ontario with a fixed rate supplied by Just Energy and a variable rate supplied by the OPA and Guelph Hydro. The only method to save on these charges is to have a Power Factor as close to 100% as possible. The previous PF rating was at 88% and Ellis was being penalized for being under 90%, and now Ellis is showing an efficiency rate of 98.4% with no penalty charges. The fixed rate consumption of Wholesale Market kWh was reduced by 15% for this billing period and moving forward with an efficiency of 98.4% Ellis will continue to see hydro reductions throughout each billing period.

  • 15% reduction in wholesale market kWh usage
  • 100% reduction on PF penalties
  • 3% reduction on variable kW charge
  • Power Factor went from 88% to 98.4%

Click here to download the updated Ellis Packaging report.

Action Fuel & Emission Reduction Inc. is a Authorized Distributor of Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Power Factor Optimization

The Certified course has been completed by Gordon Kaitting for reducing Energy costs for Home owners and for all manufactures and types of business. We also have a new Patent Product for reducing Energy costs in every Town, City and working with the Hydro companies we will reduce the need for any future Energy Plants. As a Country we must work together to ensure all future generations will be safe and at Action Fuel & Emission we are doing our best to ensure this.

What happens to a Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Demo Kit if the motor were loaded

What would happens if a Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver Demo motor were put under a load. I will colour code the text based on the topic to explain what happens.

Red is assumptions based on the nameplate data of the motor and is used for the calculated solution so anyone can do their own math to get the same results.
Purple is used for additional Notes but not used in the calculations.
Green is the Results.

I am going to explain what is observable and make an intuitive response.
The name plate specifies that the Full Load Amps (FLA) is 5.5 Amps. It also indicates that the Service Factor (SF) is 1.0 and the Service Factor Amps (SFA) is 5.5.

From observation, the motor under no load draws about 5.5Amps and has a power factor of about 0.30.
The formula for Watts consumed by the motor is 120VAC × 5.5A × 0.30 power factor consumes 198Watts (or 0.98kW).
As the motor is more heavily loaded, it is supposed to produce 1/3 Horse Power (HP). 746 Watts / 3 = 248.667 Watts. We have to allow for the efficiency of the motor, let’s say 87% giving a total of about 286 Watts
Watts / Volt Amps = power factor: so 286 Watts / (120V x 5.5A) = 0.4333 power factor. This is all based on the Nameplate Data provided by the manufacturer.

When operating the demo under no load, we typically see a draw of 1.5Amps (at 0.9 power factor); however in this case, the Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver turning on could reduce the Amps to 2.64 Amps.
That means instead of getting a 72.7% Amp reduction, we get a 52% Amperage reduction.

In training an extension cord is added to the demo unit. By adding an extension cord, we change the savings from about 6% to about 12 to 15%.
Under full load, the demo is likely to, at full load, show about 5% savings and an extension cord would change it to about 9 to 12.4%. These numbers have to do with the “I squared R” savings.
How much wire does your customer have in their facility? Also, is the motors in your customers site as close to the meter as it is in the demo? Adding wire adds savings the Eco-Sharp Electricity Saver EC realizes.

Our local distributors can help find exactly what you need to help save you the most on your energy costs.
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September, 2020


We are pleased to have now installed our Eco Sharp Electricity Savers into
the Faster Linen Plant in Toronto. We have taken the Power Factor from 85% to now 95% which puts Faster Linen over the 90% to start achieving great savings, this now has them reducing Fuel cost with the Eco Clamp Fuel Saver.