Brown Packaging and KVAR

Check out the results of our KVAR installation at Brown Packaging in December 2016 compared to a full month with KVAR in January 2017. Also, please note that their motors will have less stress and last longer.

Total Savings per day:
December   $272.84       January  $214.94    savings per day  57.90  X  32 Days =  $1,852.80

kWh used per day:
December     1,530         January  1,383        savings of 147  X  32 Days =  4,704 kWh

Calculating the Global Adjustment

To verify the impact the Global Adjustment has on your bill, non-interval-metered customers can view the WAGA used for their bill calculation by downloading the file (see below) that matches the specific Bill Cycle shown at the top of your bill. Then use the formula below to calculate the potential impact:
Global Adjustment = (NUG + OPG + IESO) – HOEP
NUG = Payments to Non-Utility Generators administered by the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation.
OPG = Payments made to Ontario Power Generation for nuclear and base load hydroelectric generation.
IESO = Payments for the Independent Electricity System Operators’ (formerly Ontario Power Authority) contracted generators and CDM programs.
HOEP = Hourly Ontario Electricity Market Price.
This formula means that the higher the market price of electricity, the lower the Global Adjustment will be.