Boston Pizza and KVAR

Hello Team,

When I first did business with Gordon back in the early 2000’s I was the Director of Operations at Boston Pizza and he introduced me to the Eco-Clamp.

These clamps are put on a gas line and ensures a cleaner gas and deteriorates carbon build up on the pipes. Pretty good memory eh Gordon! These we put into our only corporate location and we saved anywhere from 10-20% and that’s a fact. These were put into over 30 Boston Pizza’s and keep in mind they were newer buildings compared to our original 8, so we might save more.

Marco and team, I ‘ve seen this product in action and your flame will be bluer or hotter, so any equipment that runs on gas will operate better or hotter, so you’ll need to temp the flyers everyday and keep an eye on the high of the flame when something is being sautéed etc.

Any questions or comments please reach out via phone

Tony Pereira
Operating Partner
Fire Inspired Foods

UPDATE: We are very pleased to have another Boston Pizza in Hamilton join in on the savings of Hydro and Fuel!