Some 2 years ago, we installed 85 Eco-clamps at McConnell Air Base located in Wichita, Kansas. These Eco-clamps have been functioning successfully without incident since then.

We installed these Eco-clamps on the fuel feed pipes to the furnaces, boilers, gas dryers & water heaters. The fuel is natural gas. By the reckoning of the energy team at McConnell and the Energy Management Team from the U.S. Air Force, they have enjoyed a fuel savings over this period of approx. 12.87 % (est.). It was installed at 3 different buildings on base; a hotel, a bank, and an office building.

We look forward to many years of continuing successful operation and fuel savings in the future. With this success, we have been awarded a 3rd contract with the U.S. Air Force to install 505 more Eco-Clamps late fall or winter of this year.