Poultry Farming

Observations on changes of biological properties of natural water after being magnetized resulted in the development of a method that included providing magnetic drinking water for poultry. Based on this, a scientific research was carried out by the scientists of “Magnetic Technologies” company that described the effect of magnetic water on the growth and development of some bone structures of chickens and animals.

The results of these observations showed, for example, that using magnetic water for drinking purposes of chicks results in an increase in the process of bone formation. As well as, improves morphology of blood. In conclusion, it was clear from the experiments that magnetic water increases growth and development of poultry which is clear from the results: a decrease by 2-3 times of death rates of chicks and an increase of their mass (average weight gain increases by 5-7%), egg-laying qualities by 10%. Also the quality of meat improves. These results show that a high-quality, product can be obtained a few days earlier that usual.

Installation of Magnetic System

Taking into a consideration that the industrial production of poultry in all cases, except waterfowls/water birds, occurs in closed buildings, and waste of water for drinking purposes is insignificant, magnetic devices should be installed on water pipes close to the drinking apparatus

Usually, a device of 0.5″ can be installed on a water pipe. This device will be enough, even if 20-25 drinking apparatus are connected to the water pipe, since the output of the device is 1500-liters/hour.