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The eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER is an electromagnetic control system that reduces the amount of non-productive current in your existing electrical system. It helps to significantly reduce electrical costs and pollution from energy generated by the utility companies.

Here is a test done by Texas A&M to demonstrate effectiveness:

Check out this Fox News report about our great products!

ION ScaleBuster


The BMI SmartValveTM compresses air pockets before they pass through the water meter, so that the building no longer has to pay for air in its water bill. Savings begin immediately once the valve is installed, and continue for life.

Our team in Hawaii walks you through an installation.

eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER for your Home or Business

IBM research just released an adorable stop-motion movie, “A Boy And His Atom,” by moving individual atoms around and imaging them.

The 5,000 molecules of carbon monoxide – a carbon and an oxygen bonded together – used during filming are moved using tiny magnets made of 12 atoms to drag the carbon monoxide.

A great demonstration showing the eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER unit in action.

The SmartValve water saving device explained.

eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER Green Energy NBC News Report.

The Smart Valve Water Saver Bubble Demo.

eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER Green Energy EcoPlanet.


eco-smart ELECTRICITY SAVER Residential Home Unit.

The Eco Clamp

Eco-Clamp Fuel Saver

Smart Valve

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