December, 2020

Please Read our Air in Pipelines Report!

Air in pipelines report

November, 2019

Eco Valve Water Saver installs underground!

Yes we will install anywhere! 

Eco Valve Water Saver installed underground for multiple townhouses and high rise buildings.

November, 2019

31 High Street, Mississauga Ontario has a water reduction of 18.92%!


June 3rd, 2019

Using the information from “Mywater Toronto” a spread sheet was created comparing May 2018 to May 2019 (the 1st full month.)

Water usage is 19% less!

For 77 Harbour Square this would be about a $20,000 dollar reduction annually.

“The installation was easy. We adjusted the flow mid May by just tweaking the valve. This was done manually with no water stoppage.”

“We are pleased to see great results at 77 Harbour Square in Toronto and have now installed 99 Harbour Square!  Soon Toronto will be one of the great cities reducing water cost for all buildings.”