July, 2021

New Smart Valve endorsement


Smart Valve Endorsement

June, 2021

New Smart Valve endorsement


Smart Valve Endorsement

June, 2021

Smart Valve Water Saving Technology

Here is a test done by Texas A&M to demonstrate effectiveness:

April, 2021

Smart Valve Water

December, 2020

Please Read our Air in Pipelines Report!

Air in pipelines report


December, 2020

Smart Valve – Site Evaluation Survey

May, 2020

Residential install of a 3/4″ Smart Valve took one hour and started at 70
PSI and stayed at 70 PSI

January 2020

Laundry facility in Michigan saving 23% with Smart Valve!

November, 2019

Smart Valve installs underground!

Yes we will install anywhere! 

Smart Valve installed underground for 127 Townhouses and 2 High tower buildings at 103 The Queensway.

November, 2019

31 High Street, Mississauga Ontario has a water reduction of 18.92%!


October, 2019

Water rate hikes in Sudbury Ontario Sudbury council hikes water rates 7.4 percent!

The average yearly water bill will go up from $1,277 in 2019 to $2,047 in 2039!


¾” Smart Valve at Four-Plex in Sudbury Smart Valve  Savings are at 29% compared to the previous 3 months average billing!

Click here to see Sudbury News and Smart Valve Savings articles!

June 3rd, 2019

Using the information from “Mywater Toronto” a spread sheet was created comparing May 2018 to May 2019 (the 1st full month.)

Water usage is 19% less!

For 77 Harbour Square this would be about a $20,000 dollar reduction annually.

“The installation was easy. We adjusted the flow mid May by just tweaking the valve. This was done manually with no water stoppage.”

“We are pleased to see great results at 77 Harbour Square in Toronto and have now installed 99 Harbour Square!  Soon Toronto will be one of the great cities reducing water cost for all buildings.”

MORE $uccess with smart valve!

May 16th, 2019

28 Ted Rogers Way Toronto, Ontario.

“The project was completed on the end of June 2018 and since then we are having a percentage on water saving consumption on entire building of over 20%.”

“Since installing the water smart valve there has not been any malfunctioning of the water system or variation of the water pressure. The Board of directors are really impressed with this project. The property manager and management company are on the top of the latest technologies for the condominium industry.“

“If you want to make substantial savings to be reflected in annual budgets, lower monthly maintenance fees and feel good saving on of the most precious resource in the world, water, contact Afer Inc. today!. “

“You will never regret it!”

Peter Tanase

Property Manager General Licence, RCM

Did you know?

Listed here are a few of US companies with the first generation Valves enjoying the reduction of Water Cost.

With the Smart Valve you can save even more!

Smart Valve

Did you know our Smart Valve has a 90-day – unconditional – customer satisfaction guarantee, why would you not install the Smart Valve Today and Reduce your Water Bill. Our Patented product allows you to manually adjust while installed to further reduce your Water Bill, no need to remove the Smart Valve

SMART VALVE guarantee

Smart Valve at West Michigan

Monday January 7th, 2019

West Michigan Shared Hospital Laundry now saving 27% on the water bill with the Smart Valve. See stats:

Installation distance

Thursday October 25th, 2018

The question of installation distance comes up often also if an elbow is involved is this a problem the answer is no with the elbow and up to 15 feet is also not a problem after 15 feet we need to look at the water pressure and if sufficient enough then we can go even further. Charlie from Smart Valve has installed a 6” Smart Valve 30 feet away and still showed a savings, if any further questions on this subject please email gordon@aferinc.com

Installation into a booster pump system

Wednesday October 24th, 2018

In regards to the SmartValve installation into a system utilizing a booster pump system or VFD ( variable speed drive ) we can achieve a greater savings by adjusting the SmartValve down or near to the minimum inlet pressure as prescribed by the booster skid manufacturer. Most systems require a minimum inlet of 25 to 30 PSI. We are able to adjust down to that or 10% greater than that setting. For example, if we have a municipal system delivering to a property at 65 PSI I would drop the pressure down to 35 PSI. A 30 PSI pressure drop which in no way affects the post booster system pressure comparing to a multiple floor property without a booster where we have to be mindful of the per floor pressure drop ( usually 5 to 8 PSI per floor ) A 5 floor property for example with the same 65 PSI delivery pressure I could only adjust the SmartValve down to a 15 PSI drop in pressure to maintain 20 to 25 PSI on the upper floors of the facility. To put it simply;
65 PSI system with a booster we can drop 35- 40 PSI on the delivery
65 PSI system with no booster only 10-15 PSI depending on how many floors.
The bigger pressure drop we can create equates into more compression internally on the supply water which gives us a bigger savings potential.

Multi-tenant Office Building Case Study

Monday October 22th, 2018

Executive Summary: The office building valve installation booked an average savings of over 30% during a three-month test period and the irrigation valve booked an average savings of 40% during a two-month period. Payback is less than one year. For the larger valve, we think the valve is modulating both the amount and rate of change in the pressure drop as the clay valve opens and drops the water into an open tank. The meter’s cavitation much less with the Smart Water Valve and the reduction in operating expenses is greater than we anticipated.

Click to view the case study

Smart Valve Savings at Abbott on Water 8% to 10%

Monday September 17th, 2018


At Abbott, we’re all about helping you live the best life you can through good health. We keep your heart healthy, nourish your body at every stage of life, help you feel and move better, and bring you information, medicines and breakthroughs to manage your health. Every day and around the world, we’re discovering new ways to make life better.

100 Abbott Park Road, Abbott Park IL

28 TED ROGERS Way Smart Valve Water Savings

Friday August 17th, 2018

The savings for 28 Ted Rogers Way Toronto, ON building based on this year installing of a 3” Smart Valve we had 18 days before the install and 42 days after the install of the Smart Valve with a 13% savings and with the comparison of the same time last year of 31 days and 42 days this year the savings was 26% using the Smart Valve. I would like to add that the saving will be improved to even a higher amount with the adjustment of the Smart Valve which is done while installed.

Ted Rogers Building in Toronto

  1. Daily reading of Water use June 1   until June 18 2018   usage 86,105  per day
  2. Daily reading of Water use June 19 until July  30 2018   usage 74,931   per day (savings 13%)
  3. Daily reading of Water use July 1     until July  31 2017   usage 100,304 per day (savings 26%)

Did you know?

  • Effect of air compression/increased density of entrained water on the water meter. Air is not actually “compressed” but rather reduced in size and volume to a state that in not able to be registered on the meter. Think of it as taking marble sized pockets of air being reduced to the size of grains of sand.
  • Effect/nature of compressed air after passing through the Smart Valve, i.e. cavitation, air expansion, etc. There is no ill effect to operation or equipment function.
  • How Smart Valve works in tandem with, and effect/s on booster pumps. In a booster pump application we are able to reduce the incoming pressure to a point just above the minimum inlet pressure as specified by the booster skid manufacturer. This added pressure reduction increases savings potential.
  • Smart Valve impact on fluctuation of usage demand cycles throughout the day. If the facility is having demand issues the installation of a SmartValve is not going to cure any delivery problem if supply is inadequate.
  • Overview of internal working/assembly of Smart Valve, re: spring biased plunger, etc. The operation of the SmartValve is based on incoming water supply pressure, compresses the piston and spring assembly until it is overcome by the spring tension. At that point the piston returns to the seat to provide a shockwave or reverse pressure which reduces the size of air and lineates the flow passing through the meter. This action eliminates the meter from registering air, turbulent flow and over spinning to deliver a reading of pure water. The only moving parts in the SmartValve are the piston and spring. Any spring failure is due to heat and/or abrasion. The SmartValve spring being immersed in cold water heat will never be a factor. With the spring being centred on the piston shaft it will protect against abrasion and surface wear.

Smart Valve water saving charts

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