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We are pleased to introduce the Scale Buster now in stock to reduce Scale and Corrosion from residential to large factories, please have a look at the Scale Buster web site and let us know what application your would like to clean up.

Reduces Costs, Maintenance & Chemical Use.

ION ScaleBuster is a proven water conditioning technology for general pipework, heating and plumbing equipment, appliances and processing equipment.

Designed for industrial, commercial, and municipal applications, the proprietary electrostatic technology of the ION ScaleBuster works effectively and efficiently – without chemicals, power or moving parts. The hydrodynamic conditions present during operation force the precipitation of crystals in the water. This process prevents the formation of scale and corrosion, and allows the water to absorb scale already attached to internal piping and equipment surfaces.

ScaleBuster Models

An Extensive Range of Sizes & Flow Rates








ION ScaleBuster technology is available in numerous sizes to cover a wide range of flow rates. Our models are equipped with either European (E) or North American (U) connections to address virtually any piping or equipment configuration. The durable construction of ScaleBuster conditioners allows them to provide years of reliable service inhibiting scale and corrosion without power or maintenance.

ScaleBuster units are available with threaded connections (T) or flanged connections (F). They have been rigorously tested and certified to the high standards of the following organizations:

In 2006, An EnviroTower system based on ScaleBuster® conditioning technology has been installed to treat the cooling system’s water.

In a short few months it was clear that the cooling system is in a better condition than before, most scale formation on the condenser (and other parts of the cooling system) were dissolved. The system had been scale-free since then! Operation costs (mainly energy, but also water, maintenance and of course chemicals) were cut drastically. System’s performance parameters were at their highest ever.


Safe, Chemical-Free Operation

A Safe, Environmentally-Friendly Process

Unlike systems that use harsh chemicals to dissolve scale and corrosion and contribute toxic pollutants to groundwater, the ION ScaleBuster works without chemicals. Instead, it employs an electrostatic process that is planet-friendly. This reduces energy and water consumption, while reducing or, in certain cases, eliminating toxic water discharge.

Chemical-Free Flocculant

The patented construction of its PTFE (Teflon®) turbulence chambers alters the static balance within the unit. This neutralizes charged particles, causing them to flocculate, or form large clump particles that are slower to re-dissolve in the water.

In normal “straight flow” systems, the flocculate particles of scale remain harmlessly in the flow of the water and are unable to adhere to the pipe surfaces. In re-circulating systems – or those that contain settlement areas – filtration or flushing is commonly used to remove these treatment by-products.

Corrosion is now under control and further damage to the system and associated equipment is prevented.

Laser Particle Analysis

Sophisticated laser particle analysis was used in the development of the ION ScaleBuster to determine the optimal precipitate size. The large particles produced are much slower to re-dissolve in the water, extending its beneficial treatment effects.

Check out this video to see how ScaleBuster works.

ScaleBuster Case Study – Pre-Membrane Treatment

Download the Case Study PDF here.


NSF61 – Certified Drinking Water Components

NSF372 – Certified Lead Free Products


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